10 Design Trends for 2020: Goodbye Grays – Hello Color!

The last decade brought us a slew of design trends like millennial pink, subway tile, and farmhouse chic. Some of the trends have had staying power while others have not. As we look forward to the New Year, UDA has created a list of 10 Design Trends for 2020. A few might look familiar, and a couple are probably more popular than you anticipated. But as with all trends, there is always wiggle room for you to adjust them to your needs and personality.

Show Off your Personality

Can you say, “Goodbye grays, – hello color?!”As a whole, this is the number one design trend of 2020. It is all about showing off your personality with eclectic twists, wallpapers, unique fabrics, and having the front door look the same on the inside as it does on the outside.

Pets are Family Too

A lot of people consider their pets to be family, but lately they are also designing their homes around their pets. Dog runs, build-in beds, washing stations, and automatic dog doors have been taking off the last few years, and this trend shows no sign of stopping!

Prioritizing Relaxation

Homes are revolving around relaxation as our desire for a daily reprieve increases. Bathrooms are spa like, rooms are flooded with as much natural light as possible, and spaces for entertaining is a must. There is also an up-tick in game rooms, home theaters, and backyard putting greens.


More and more bathrooms are using unique tile (especially Spanish tile) and floating vanities. Shower niches are being replaced with larger ledges and vanity mirrors are being placed in front of windows to achieve dual functionality.


When it comes to kitchens, fun backsplashes and supersized islands are still going strong. Cabinets, on the other hand, are now offered in an array of colors. Bottom cabinets don’t even have to match the ones on top!

Natural Material Accents

People are reconnecting with the great outdoors, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they are bringing nature into their homes with accents like wood, metal, stone, and adobe.


Yes, you can build the home of your dreams, have it be environmentally friendly, AND be on trend! Houses built from recycled and/or locally sourced materials are on the rise. Once the home is built, it becomes a Smart House through the use of technology and automation.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

Arizona has always been known for its beautiful winter weather, so it isn’t surprising that indoor/outdoor living still reigns supreme. We’re talking infinity pools, pergolas, trellises, and outdoor kitchens. Even plants that attract a variety of wildlife are preferred.

Interesting Ceilings

Back in the day, ceilings were so neglected, they were tragically covered in that horrible popcorn texturing. Today, ceilings are finally getting the love they deserve. The more interesting a ceiling is, the better.

Industrial Chic

It looks like industrial chic is here to stay! We are talking black and white color pallets, use of concrete, clean, geometric & symmetrical design, and the use of exposed block and/or brick.