3 Steps to a Luxurious Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle

The joys of living in the Southwest come from the dry, warm weather and the opportunity to move life outside for most of the year. Expanding a living area outdoors, no matter the location, helps everyone connect with nature and take advantage of a property’s best features. All you need to do is follow these steps to a luxurious indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Step 1: Know your Site

The first step to indoor-outdoor living is to understand the site. Be sure to take both physical elements (i.e., the slope of the land, soil composition, and views) and climatic factors (i.e., sun orientation and local breezes) into consideration when creating the perfect flow of space from inside to outside. This will help you utilize all aspects of the land.

Step 2: Create a Transitional Indoor Floor Plan

Open floor plans work best when creating a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. An unhindered view is great for drawing people outside. Using consistent flooring establishes a relationship between rooms. Extending the floor’s surface and ceiling plane outside unifies all living areas and creates a natural flow.

Step 3: Seclude the Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces need to protect residents from intrusive weather or neighbors, but still feel open and linked to the surroundings. Vegetation and trellises provide privacy without obstructing views, while the calm bubbling of water features cover any unwanted noise pollution. Sitting areas need to feel secluded and have a fireplace, making the space inviting year-round.

There is an art to the perfect indoor-outdoor design. Finding this balance can be achieved with a careful examination of the environment and the home owner’s daily routine. It doesn’t need to be filled with grandeur or innovative components to be a success. A well-executed house may be stunning, but its daily functionality is what will make it truly a home.

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