Books for Aspiring Architects

From toys to stacking household objects, building and design are everywhere when you’re a kid. If you want to fuel this creativity, or if you have aspiring architects in the family, these books are perfect for them. They’re all suited for kids under the age of 10, have bright and fun illustrations, and focus on the idea that creativity, imagination, and passion is what makes them an architect. 

Every kid’s dream starts somewhere. After all, we weren’t born as architects! If your kid, niece, or nephew is interested in building, these books make perfect gifts, bedtime stories, or just learning material for any child with a love of design. 

‘Young Frank, Architect’

The first book on the list is “Young Frank, Architect,” by Frank Viva. The main character is Young Frank, who lives with the grandfather, who is known as Old Frank. Young Frank loves to stack things and make whimsical structures out of anything he can get his hands on. Old Frank, who used to be an architect, disapproves of his grandson’s hobbies and claims an architect only designs buildings. 

That doesn’t deter Young Frank, though! 

The lesson of the book is that you don’t have to design buildings to be an architect. Architects are visionary artists that create a wide range of things. All it takes is a creative mind to see the potential in everything around you to become an architect. 

The book also introduces architecture and design collections in a fun and colorful way that will captivate kids. 

‘Roberto the Insect Architect’

The second book on the list takes a slightly different approach to the world of architecture. “Roberto the Insect Architect” by Nina Laden is a story about Roberto the termite. Instead of eating his wooden food, Roberto always preferred to build with it. He was berated by his parents, but Roberto never gave up on his dream. 

He moves to the big Bug City to follow his dream and meets friends who encourage his passion. Roberto becomes an architect for his friends and builds a community for all of them to live. 

The story is funny and inspiring. The illustrations themselves are beautiful enough for anyone to enjoy — as collage style, they just pop off the page. 

‘Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site’

Handpicked by Amazon kids’ books editor Seira Wilson for Prime Book Box, “Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site” by Sherri Duncan Rinker is sure to be a hit with any younger kid, especially those that love construction toys and trucks. 

Though this book appeals to younger children between the ages of 4-8, it is great for fueling their imagination and inspiring a love for building and reading. 

Also named as the #1 New York Times bestselling children’s book, the book explores a noisy construction site with vibrant colors and gentle rhymes. It allows your kid to learn what is needed to build a home and allows them to have fun by saying goodnight to the trucks before they go to bed. 

‘Iggy Peck, Architect’

If your kid isn’t into bugs or talking trucks, then maybe they’ll like following the adventures of Iggy Peck. In “Iggy Peck, Architect,” by Andrea Beaty, you follow Iggy Peck and his friends Rosie Revere and Ada Twist. Its lesson is all about teamwork and self-expression, which is good for every kid. 

Iggy Peck isn’t your average architect. He doesn’t build sandcastles or houses out of popsicle sticks — he builds a life-sized replica of the Great Sphinx on his front lawn. His teacher, Miss Lila Greer, is not too happy with Iggy’s talent and does all she can to find a more suitable hobby for a young boy. 

Iggy, however, uses his talent to save the day in this beloved New York Times bestselling picture book. 

‘Come Over to My House’

Dr. Seuss, under the alias Theo LeSieg, wrote, “Come Over to My House” in 1966. It has since been revamped, but the book still has one lesson: that kids are the same all over the world. It is a great read to help expand a child’s worldview. 

Throughout the story, you and your child will experience homes from all over the world in true Dr. Seuss fashion with adorable illustrations and pops of color. It explores different cultures and people around the world through houses. 

If I Built a House

The final book on our list is “If I Build A House” by Chris Van Dusen. This story is perfect for kids who have their dream house in mind. It follows 8-year-old Jack, who wants to design his own home. Follow along with Jack’s imagination as he creates fantastical ideas all around his home, including an all-in-one Kitchen-O-Mat. 

His house has everything an 8-year-old could want, including a complete race track, a flying room, and a gigantic slide. These images are perfect for getting your own child’s imagination going. It’s also a great family activity — have them draw their dream house or build it with you out of things you find around the home!

They want a racetrack? Take old cardboard boxes, some markers or paint, and turn your living room into the next Nascar race. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all inspired by this book. 

While we can’t build a real race track in your living room, we can help turn you and your family’s dream home into a reality. We can help design a house with a pool for your kids, an outdoor kitchen for parties, and perfect entertaining spaces for all ages. Give us a call to see what Urban Design Associates can do for you.