Design Better, Live Better with Western Window Systems

Around this time last year, we worked with Western Window Systems for their Design Better campaign. They sat down with our principal architect, Jessica Hutchison-Rough, and discussed our Water Way residence. This project’s dramatic, indoor-outdoor design was made possible with the use of Western Windows, and it was a delight telling them about it.

Design Better – A Conversation with Jessica Hutchinson-Rough: Excerpt


“Surrounded by seven golf courses in the fairway mecca of Scottsdale, Arizona, one home blurs the boundaries between the indoors and the outside in a recreational haven rich with golf, hiking, pickleball, and tennis.

The 6,874 square-foot home features massive moving walls of glass that expand space, let in tons of natural light and air, and provide exquisite views of the surrounding Sonoran Desert and Jack Nicklaus-designed greens.

Architect Jessica Hutchison-Rough of Urban Design Associates went over every possible detail with the homeowners, from which side of the bed they slept on to how many refrigerators they wanted, before beginning the design. ‘In this home, one of their important things was to walk through the front door and see the view,’ she says.”

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