Lee is a Design Icon

We always knew Lee was a Design Icon, but being recognized by the Design and Building Industry makes it official!  Sources for Design, a digital magazine, is making waves in the Arizona Luxury Construction field.  Each issue features seven industry Icons: Project, architect, interior designer, builder, landscape architect, product, and service.  The fourth issue puts Lee in great company with the architectural Icons: Eddie Jones, Vern Swaback, and Michael Johnson.

Lee was recognized for creating his own architectural style, which he coined, “Organic Pueblo.”  His deep understanding of the Southwest’s light, landforms, and lifestyle show-up in every home.  His compassion for his clients and his passion to create beauty continue to manifest in spaces designed for renewal and joyful celebration.

On April 6, 2017, the design community came together for launch the fourth issue. Larry Lake, the magazine’s publisher, and local interior designer created a warm, entertaining evening of indoor/outdoor festivities at Fergusons in Scottsdale.  Each guest was given a book for autographs, giving everyone an excuse to go meet the Icons.  UDA’s staff, colleagues, and clients all gathered to give Lee extra love for his long-standing, successful, and inspiring body of architectural work.

Take a look at Sources for Design Issue 4.

 Sources of Design Icon