Designing Your Dream Mountain Home

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Mountain home design by Urban Design Associates. 

Nearly every homeowner dreams of having both the view and the seclusion that come with a mountain home. In the Arizona picturesque wooded areas of Flagstaff and the White Mountains, you can turn this dream into a reality with relative ease. Today, we at Urban Design Associates wanted to share our favorite elements we use and tips to designing the perfect mountain home for you. 

Mountain Home Exterior Design Tips

The exterior style of your new custom-designed mountain home should be one thing: your favorite style. Every exterior style can fit into the mountain landscape; it all depends on the execution. 

At Urban Design Associates, we’re huge fans of natural and organic homes — ones that accentuate instead of compete with the beauty of the landscape. 

You’re also not limited to size — that’s solely dependent on the lot and your preferences. A mountain house can be a single story or multi-story. The layout should fit your family, lifestyle and budget.  These getaway homes tend to serve as gathering spots for multigenerational celebrations and family vacations, so it is always fun to envision spaces for every member of the family from fur babies to growing children and grandparents.


What exterior cladding you chose is crucial to deciding if your mountain home will blend in or stand out. Popular materials include wood and stone, or a combination of the two. Although many mountain homes use only those elements, the possibilities are endless. For example, instead of having a fully stone house, consider an exposed stone chimney and stone porch columns to create a natural focal point. 

If you want a primarily stone exterior, then exposed wooden beams on the porch, columns, and front entrances are timeless and stylish. Decks and wooden window frames or shutters could be built of wood to break up the stone look, too.

Or, you can shake it up and exclude natural stone and wood entirely. A modern mountain home, for instance, can mix metal, limestone, concrete, and glass to create a seamless property that both stands out and emphasizes the view. 


Roof types vary with mountain homes, but the most commonly used styles are gable, clipped gable, or hipped.

Add your own taste to the type of roof material, though by choosing from architectural shingles, tile, metal, or a mixture. 


You can make your landscaping as extravagant as you desire. We’re fans of sustainable and low-maintenance designs that bring in the mountain’s natural charm and highlight your house. Try mixing in natural grasses, native boulders and rocks with a flagstone patio to make the landscape blend together and blur the lines between natural and man-made. We also always recommend xeriscaping, so you’re never using excess water on your landscaping. 

Mountain Home Interior Design Tips

The key to a stunning interior for a mountain home is to bring the exterior inside. There are so many ways you can accomplish this and we’re going to highlight a few of them. 

Highlight the View

Views in mountain homes are an asset, so enhance them! Use large windows to allow in the most light as possible without blocking the view. Building your own mountain home allows you the ability to personalize the architectural design, you may want to consider a wall made entirely of windows. The abundant natural light will flood the space while giving your mountain living room a grand feel.

To highlight spectacular views, you can leave the windows uncovered or use a rolling natural fiber to block out the sun and create privacy. Built-in window coverings can be hidden or used as a decorative element. They can also be controlled manually, with a simple wall switch or with a sophisticated smart home system.  

Natural Color Scheme

When choosing a color scheme for your mountain home, opt for warm, neutral tones in the majority of the space, as they complement the beauty of the outdoors nicely. Some examples include beiges, green, and browns. You can also use a bolder color, like a rusted orange or deep burgundy, to add interest to the design.

If you’re having trouble deciding what colors to use in your mountain living room, look outside for inspiration. Bring in the rich browns and lively greens from the trees, light blue from the sky, or smooth grays and browns from the rocks. 

On a similar line, you can literally bring the exterior inside by using wood and stone interior architectural elements. Wood gives your home a warm feel that perfectly accentuates nearly anything in your home. While most commonly used in flooring, we recommend using natural wood as ceiling treatments and in your furniture. 

Additionally, stone adds texture and accents the “mountain” part of your home. If your living room has a fireplace, make it the centerpiece of the space with a floor-to-ceiling stone façade.

Design Your Own Mountain Home

Your dream mountain home is within your reach. Inspired by the organic architecture of Frank Llyod Wright, architects at Urban Design Associates excel in mountain homes that highlight the natural beauty around them. From modern organic, to sleek contemporary, your dream home is only a call away. To get started, give us a call at 480-613-3146 or contact us online