Home Trends and Designs: How to Modernize your Space

A home should be efficient, convenient, stylish, and comfortable. It should fit all of your needs without being a hindrance to them. This means modern homes shouldn’t require you to get up to adjust the thermostat, nor should you ever question if you remembered to lock your front door before leaving. That’s why most home trends and designs are leaning toward smart technology. 

At Urban Design Associates, we’re about maximizing efficiency and sustainability, which means we’re all aboard the smart train. That’s why we compiled a list of our favorite smart tech that everyone should consider adding to their homes. From convenience to fun, smart devices have it all! 

Upgrade Your Entryway

Your entryway can be so much more than doors, windows, and a feeling of welcoming grandeur. The most popular home trends and designs often turn entryways into a smart space. Equipping your entryway with the latest home tech will not only increase your safety but is convenient and easy to use. 

For instance, adding a video doorbell that monitors your porch. It will inform you of every package and every visitor by sending an alert and live video feed straight to your phone. Some even have built-in microphones that allow for two-way conversations between you and the person at your door. In the times of COVID, this type of interaction is essential. 

You can also look into smart lock technology. This allows you to lock your front door from your phone, even when you’re not home! Some locks even include fingerprint recognition too. The best part is, all of this tech is designed to stay running even when the power goes down, so you’ll never be locked out of your home. 

Add Automatic Climate Control 

Smart thermostats are the future of modern homes. Many come with Alexa integration and can connect to your phone, so climate control is always in the palm of your hand. Top-of-the-line devices come with room sensors to help eliminate any hot and cold spots left by traditional thermostats. Place the sensors in the problem areas and your smart thermostat will take care of the rest. 

For top-tier efficiency, some smart thermostats use systems that keep track of your HVAC unit’s energy usage and compile it into a neat and easy-to-read report. They record the hours of cooling and heating your HVAC appliances have done for the month, and can even let you compare your results with other homes in the same state. 

The cherry on top of the sundae is that by automating and optimizing climate control, you could make noticeable savings on your electricity bill. The average smart thermostat can reduce heating costs by 10% and cooling costs by 15% in a residence. Any Phoenix residential architect could tell you how invaluable that savings is during the summer! 

Illuminate Your Home with Smart Lighting 

Did you know you can even control your home’s lights through smart systems? Remote control dimmer switches, one-button on/off switches, and plug-and-play modules are all just scratching the surface of what smart lighting can do. 

Every light in your home (or certain areas if you so choose) can be controlled through your phone, so you can control your lights when you’re not home to increase security. That way, it looks like you’re home, even if you’re not. Some allow the lights to be put on a timer too, to maximize the illusion. 

A few smart light systems even allow you to change the color of the light with just a push of a button to transform any room in an instant. 

The con of installing smart lights is they are costly upfront, so consider adding them to certain rooms instead of the whole house to save money while increasing your home security. 

Build a Home Theater For Smart Family Downtime

Okay, this one isn’t a necessity but it is a lot of fun to have. If you’re anything like us, then you love snuggling up with your family for a movie night. If you’re renovating or building, adding in a home theatre would be the perfect addition for families or movie buffs. If you want smart home theater products, you can choose from a wide range of smart TVs and smart speakers, as well as projectors, universal remotes, and more!

While smart home theatres don’t necessarily make your home more efficient or sustainable, they do increase resale value! 

If you’re interested in any of the smart tech listed here and are looking to build a new custom home or remodel your current home, give us a call! We’ll be happy to help.