How We Design the Ultimate Home for Holiday Entertaining

The smell of perfectly cooked turkey. The sound of boisterous laughter. The feel of an enveloping hug from a close friend you haven’t seen in a while.

This holiday season, everyone is ready for the sights, sounds, and smells of family gatherings. As a family business, we understand that a home reflects the time we spend with our loved ones and the memories we make there. 

We also understand that hosting takes a lot of work. If you are in a house designed or remodeled by Urban Design Associates, LLC, however, getting your house ready for those gatherings will be a breeze.

As one of the top Scottdale architects, we understand the joy and the beauty of hosting the holidays in the perfect weather of the Southwest. To help you prepare for holiday entertaining, we make sure your home is a seamless blend of breathtaking decor and intuitive functionality to help you make magical moments you and your family will remember for years to come.

We Design For An Initial Wow Experience

Welcome friends and family into your home with an unforgettable first impression. The beautiful landscapes of North Scottsdale lend themselves to awe-inspiring views, so we typically design with those as a focal point. Guests enter the front door and are greeted with stunning granite peaks and open desert vistas.

For the holidays, this layout can also easily accommodate a grand Christmas tree or other seasonal decor. Imagine an intricately decorated pine with the fading hues of an Arizona sunset in the background, beckoning your friends and family into the party.

Couple that view with elegant mantle decor and you have a gathering space that your guests won’t want to leave. The key is to make sure the mantle is deep enough and at eye level. This allows the fireplace to support the elaborate fall and holiday decorations our clients love. 

We Design With Multiple Functions in Mind

Once jackets are off and drinks are poured, your guests need space to mingle. With a few special touches, your holiday gathering can naturally (and comfortably) expand to any space you’d like, including your patio.

Great rooms and gathering spaces should be multifunctional. We use opera bowl glass walls so the rooms feel intimate for small gatherings but can flow into outside spaces easily. The glass walls also make sure everyone has access to the enchanting Sonoran Desert vistas no matter where they are at the party. 

One example of how we used this to great effect can be seen in the the Lost Star residence where we were careful to create clean sight lines and have the great room open seamlessly onto a phenomenal patio. The space is ready for a quiet evening for two or a festive celebration with all the children and grandchildren.

Similar to great rooms, you want the dining area to feel comfortable no matter how many people are on the guest list. We design dining rooms in particular so they can feel like they are separate from the great room but if you extend a table, it doesn’t overwhelm the space. If you have four people around the Thanksgiving table or forty, there is room for everyone.

In addition to an open design, we use intentional home automation to help you simplify hosting. Create the scene you want by turning on music and putting the lights on just at the right dimness throughout the space. You can even turn on fireplaces and open the windows with one button. These small cues also help your guests easily recognize the boundaries of the gathering. 

We Design For What You Don’t See

Good design not only looks beautiful, but it also feels effortless. Part of what makes UDA’s designs so luxurious is the little touches that make hosting so enjoyable — and uncomplicated. 

For the crisp evenings, we recommend putting heaters in outdoor ceilings to help with entertaining. This way, you have the same ambient temperature outside as you do inside and your guests are comfortable wherever they are.

It wouldn’t be the holidays without festive lighting. But nothing ruins an exquisite light display like ugly extension cords. Our luxury Scottsdale remodels include pre-wired electricity in out-of-sight nooks and electrical boxes in eaves with holiday lights in mind. We also design rooms with hidden storage specifically for holiday decorations. Your display is easy to install and remove, both inside and out.

Create A Home With Great Gathering Spaces

This holiday season is about reconnecting with loved ones in person. Wow your friends and family with fall and holiday decor that is both stunning and functional. This might also be the season that you realize your current layout no longer meets your entertaining needs. If your gathering space could use a remodel or you are ready to build your own luxury home, look to the Scottsdale residential architects who know what the area’s discerning homeowners want.