In Memory of Peter Bergsneider

It is with great sorrow that we announce the sudden death of our beloved friend and colleague, Peter Bergsneider on January 23, 2019.

He was a vibrant soul who not only brought joy and passion to the office, but also bestowed each and every one of us with a deep sense of caring and thoughtfulness. His spirit will live on with his family and in our continued work at UDA.

UDA Staff
December 16,1952 – January 23, 2019

Peter was a joyful man with many talents and artistic outlets. He was the first employee at Urban Design Associates, starting as a draftsman for Lee in the very early days. He worked closely with Lee and Jessica on the development of the client’s architectural program from the conceptual phase of the project through the schematic design and design development phases. He was a great team member who contributed to everyone’s daily routine.

When not in the office, he could be found honing his culinary skills, taking his grandchildren on adventures, and relaxing at the cabin with his sweetheart of over 40 years. He had been an avid bicyclist his entire life, and in 2017 he even participated in Levi’s Gran Fondo’s 60-mile charity bike ride, at the age of 64!

Charity Bicycle Ride

Another one of his passions was photography. After over 40 years of studying architectural form, Peter felt he was in the unique position to notice and capture subtle flows, patterns, and complex relationships found in nature. He believed if one had a solid understanding of structure, then they would be able to spot these elements reflected in the natural world.

What isn’t noticed in our busy, hectic, daily routine can be captured by a photographer, and that is what I try to do… You have to have your eyes open to the possibilities afforded by the place.

Peter Bergsneider

“Peter was a lifelong mentor. He was passionate about sharing his gifts as a talented designer, illustrator, and artist. He was generous with his time and abilities, starting with ‘let’s figure this out’ rather than ‘this is how to do it.’ He touched many people’s lives through his work here, and I will think of him often as I sit at the drafting table, asking myself ‘What would Peter do…’ His excitement for life was contagious and sense of adventure inspiring. He is greatly missed.”

-Jessica Hutchison-Rough

“Peter was a great friend, who was always ready to help. His extensive knowledge of every topic made him the go-to guy whenever you had a question or needed some guidance. As a bicycle enthusiast, he was always there for a ride either to work or 60 miles along the California coastline. I will miss Pete and think of him every day.”  

– Aaron Suhr

“Right before I left for Spain, Peter let me borrow his architect’s guide to the Sagrada Familia that he bought the last time he was there. We joked about how he was assigning me homework, but in actuality, the gesture was extremely thoughtful. We used to always have conversations about history or design, and he knew how meaningful the book would be to me. Every morning on my trip, I would sit on the balcony, drinking my espresso, reading about the architectural and mathematical marvel the Sagrada Familia was. By the time we visited the church, I could have given the tour myself, and I was able to share all I learned with my husband. When we returned home, I couldn’t wait to discuss things further with Peter, knowing he would have even more insight to offer. I cannot express enough how much this gesture enhanced my vacation and how much I appreciated it. To me, this memory really captures Peter in a snapshot. He was adventurous, worldly, knowledgeable about everything, and even the smallest interactions with him left a profoundly positive impact.”

-Caitlin Jackson