Tips for Remodeling

With the housing crisis slowly moving behind us, fingers crossed everyone, thoughts about our homes are changing.  I hear the echo of my Grandmother’s voice, “Your house is your home, not an investment,”  and this lady knew an investment when she saw one.   So it is refreshing to hear about people buying and remodeling their forever home.  FORGET RESALE!




Here Are Some Things to Think About:
  1. You like red, PAINT IT RED!  Don’t be intimidated by the neutral palette wash on interior design and let the paint fly.  It’s only paint after all.  I declare that bold is back, just check with your homeowner association about exterior colors first…knowledge gained by painful personal experiences.  Take a look at this awesome kitchen where only purple would do!
  2. Re-purpose that space with a furniture swap.  Have a breakfast nook with a table and chairs that no one eats breakfast at?  Maybe a comfy couch in that space would encourage your teenager to hang out with you while you make dinner?  Or is there a media room that gets a family movie night once a year?  Getting rid of spaces that appear to be “luxury” on paper might be the best thing for the lifestyle of your home.
  3. If your pets are your babies, let them know it!  Pets are an important part of the family and there is no reason to leave them off the remodel list.  If a safe dog run is more important to you than a dinky patio off the master bedroom, then BUILD IT!
  4. If a room doesn’t work for your lifestyle, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!  If there is a 9×9 “guest bedroom” just for the sake of having another bedroom forget it.  Remove the walls and let the light into your living space.  Or better yet, make it into a walk-in closet that you will actually use, instead of piling stuff on a bed that your in-laws might sleep on once in five years.
  5. Make your outdoor space sing your song.  If you are never going to use that patch of grass, plant vegetables instead.  And here is a no, no on every realtor’s list – if you don’t use that pool – FILL IT IN!  If you crave a comfy fireplace nook to use when it is not 110 in the Phoenix sun, say goodbye pool, hello outdoor living room.

What would make your house more your home?