Our New Normal

Welcome to our new normal! A life of social distancing took some getting used to, but UDA has taken it in stride.

Everyone is currently working remotely, so we start each day with a virtual meeting through Zoom. We make sure everyone is on the same page and know what their goals are for the day. Things might be a little different, but UDA’s commitment to high standards remains a constant, and all of our projects are still moving forward. There has been some creative problem solving along the way (like hanging plans on sliding doors when there isn’t a large enough table available), but luckily we are used to thinking outside the box.

Not only has it been all hands on deck in our professional lives, with everyone wearing multiple hats, but we’ve had to take on extra roles at home as well. We are now architects, parents, entertainers, and teachers – afterall, school must go on! Besides the usual subjects, architecture, crafting, and fort building have been added to the curriculum. Neighborhoods have been doing a wonderful job keeping everyone’s spirits up with things like, “Chalk the Walk” and a Teddy Bear Hunt.

With everything that has been going on, it’s easy to feel stressed or even melancholy, but when we look around, there are so many positives taking place every day. Vehicles are lined-up around the block in support of local restaurants, farmers are still dedicated to getting people fresh produce to stay healthy, and neighbors are connecting to lift eachother up. The human spirit is resilient. Every generation goes through hard times, but we always get through it, together. This too shall pass, and once it does, we’ll be ready to go, stronger than ever.