Transform your Home with Outdoor Living Spaces

When you think of building a custom home or undergoing a complete home renovation, do you think of the exterior as well? Many think of their porch, deck, and maybe a pool, but what about beyond that? A backyard can be so much more than a place where you sometimes hang out — it can be your own personal oasis. So think beyond the pergola and the pool and stretch your imagination! 

What about a bocce ball court or putting green? Water features? Creative privacy fences to drown out noise and neighbors? Anything you want, you should include in your custom home plan. After all, a home is so much more than what’s inside the exterior walls. 

Not only that, but an outdoor living space that is properly designed by professionals can add beauty to a home while expanding the usable area in a charming and functional way. They can also generate a high return on investment when you’re ready to sell the home. 

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Ideas For Outdoor Spaces

First and foremost, the outdoor living space should fit your needs and wants. If you don’t want a pool, then don’t put in one! Think about how you will use it and how you will want your yard to be for the foreseeable future, and then include that in the design. Outdoor living spaces should be lived in, after all. 

To get your creativity flowing, here are a few popular ideas for outdoor living spaces. 

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Create Cozy Custom Outdoor Living Rooms

Imagine lounging on a couch and enjoying the breeze as the sun begins to dip below the horizon. You can stretch out and watch the stars creep across the sky as the fire next to you crackles softly. 

That’s the beauty of outdoor living rooms. They can be the epitome of comfort or the perfect place to move the party to. 

They can be as minimalistic or extravagant as you want. Seated areas built into modern wooden frames, with attached tables surrounding a two-sided fireplace. Or maybe you prefer a simple, but comfortable set up around an open fire pit? Whatever fits your style, you can have. 

Design The Perfect Grill Master’s Kitchen 

A kitchen is so much more than an oven, fridge, and room in your home’s interior. You can enjoy the aromas, the sounds, and the taste of creating and sharing stunning dishes outside with an outdoor kitchen.

Picture a grill, prep areas, a fridge, a wine cooler — anything you want outside, you can have. It’s the perfect space for entertaining without restriction yourself, the cook, or the party indoors. You won’t miss a single moment of the festivities if your kitchen was outside, nor would you risk burning your delicious meal if you stepped away from the stove. 

Outdoor kitchens can also be energy efficient! They keep the heat outside, so your A/C won’t need to struggle to keep your kitchen cool, because the heat caused by the oven, stove, or pizza oven is kept outside.

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Creative Ways to Add Privacy 

The best way to enjoy your own personal oasis is if it’s kept personal. That means adding some separation between you and your neighbors — whether they’re right next door or across the wash. When you’re building your custom home or renovating your yard, opportunities can be endless, so don’t limit yourself! Think beyond just fencing. 

For example, boulders that are stacked in a beautiful AND functional design can add the privacy you want, while still matching the natural landscape around you. If your home has more green around it, you can create the same effect with trees, shrubs, cactus, or hedges. Some even choose a “living fence” with vines and flowers wrapped around posts. 

If you want something a little more sunken, you can create a cascading landscape for natural privacy. Cascading landscapes achieve a secluded retreat that still feels open and spacious by setting up terraces. Trees, flowers, and/or fountains set up in a stepped terrace so each level is above the next.  

These types of landscapes are extremely versatile and can be made to look as natural, or as formal you want. 

If that doesn’t fit your needs, you can still go down the traditional route with fences and covered areas, but you can customize them to your style and theme. 

Outdoor Water Features

When you think of a water feature, do you think of a gently flowing waterfall that weaves down your fencing or landscape, do you think of a standalone fountain, or do you think of a waterfall feature for your pool? No matter what you think, they’re all water features that could be perfect for your outdoor living space. 

They not only add an element of moving beauty to your backyard, but they’re also amazing for drowning out noise as well — both your own and the noise around you. There are plenty of sustainable options as well that you can look into! No matter what you want, you should be able to have it in your backyard. From water features to outdoor living rooms, it should be YOUR space. If you want to take the first step to turning your custom home into your dream home — inside and out — then call Urban Design Associates. They have decades of experience in designing luxury homes.

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