Scottsdale’s Winter Wonderland

Photo credit: Dan Fain, R-Net Custom Homes (DesertMountain)


Here’s a winter wonderland in Scottsdale, Arizona. No your eyes are not deceiving you these are pictures of a current UDA project under construction in the Scottsdale area. We are well known for our beautiful warm winters and for many people it is a place to get away from the cold and snow to play a round of golf or lounge by the pool. But for just a few hours on February 20th we too were able to experience the majesty of the snow. There is nothing quite like a Saguaro cactus covered in the fluffy white stuff. There was even enough on the ground to make a snowman for a few minutes.

The weatherman called it graupel, the precipitation that forms when super-cooled droplets of water are collected and freeze on a falling snowflake. But to us it looked and felt like snow. Just remember before you pack your bags to come to Scottsdale next winter, snow doesn’t happen often and the warm sun rays were back out within a couple hours!