Sustainable Luxury


Sustainable luxury sounds like an oxymoron, but rest assured, it is not. Luxury keeps the wheel of progress and creativity turning. Historically, small family businesses or craftspeople used their specialized expertise to create quality work that would be considered a luxury item once completed. The same can be said today, which is what makes luxury truly sustainable. When purchasing a luxury item, your product will last longer, reducing the need to use more resources to replace it, and the item is unique because a craftsperson created a one-of-a-kind rarity.

Sustainable Luxury


Designing your home should reflect the same merits of sustainable luxury. Urban Design Associates feels that your home should be of the finest quality. Our designs are created to endure and have elegance inspired by individuals.

When looking for an architect that can bring sustainability to a project, you should consider some of these factors:


Environmentally conscious and certified with the United States Green Building Council

• Materials

Local, recyclable/biodegradable, or engineered to increase their lifespan

• Nature

Sensitive to the natural systems of the site
Reduces pollution from high energy consumption or chemicals during the build

• Design

Creates a space that is efficient and functional
Timeless in fashion and avoid trends
Healthy indoor/outdoor environments

• Passion

Expresses a passion about sustainability when presenting work

Businesses are evolving the definition of sustainability. It is no longer a word making consumers feel good about their purchases, but an action creating environments for individuals who care about the effects of their decisions on the world. Talk to your architect about sustainability in your next home and live in luxury.