The 7 Spookiest Places You Can Visit in Arizona

The creepiest season of the year is officially here! It’s time to don your witches’ hat and polish your flying broomstick because we have assembled a list of the 7 spookiest places you can visit in Arizona. Each eerie local is sure to give you the heebie-jeebies whether you are a true believer or adamant skeptic. So grab your friends – the bravest ones, of course – and head to one of these haunted destinations. We guarantee the experience will be absolutely bone-chilling.


#1 The Bird Cage Theatre – Tombstone

Back in the day, the Bird Cage Theatre would have been a prime entertainment spot in the old boomtown. It gained the reputation of being one of the wildest, wickedest theaters between New Orleans and San Francisco, and from what visitors report, it sounds like the party is still in full swing! People have seen spirits in cowboy hats, been pushed by unseen forces, and have heard the sounds of laughter, yelling, and music as though the shindigs of “The Old West” are still going strong.


#2 The Hermosa Inn – Scottsdale

The hacienda-style hotel, located at the foot of Camelback Mountain, is known for having a spirit haunting the property. The original owner, Alonzo Megargee (also known as Lon), used to say he loved the place so much, he never wanted to leave it – even in death. He is believed to be the “lanky cowboy” guest and hotel staff sees meandering around the inn. Lon is often blamed for breaking glasses and bottles during the night, along with flushing toilets when nobody is in the bathroom. The Hermosa Inn is an other-worldly venue, indeed!


#3 The Haunted Hamburger – Jerome

The ghostly encounters and funny business began when Michelle and Eric Jurisin first acquired the restaurant. The old building was in need of repair before it could be opened, so construction workers were brought in to assist. It wasn’t long before they suspected the spirits could be tradesmen from long ago, since hammers kept disappear and then reappearing in the most conspicuous places. One day, in the middle of repairs, a door slammed shut all on its own, even though all the windows were sealed, and there was no possible air current. It is also common to see cans fly off shelves, water to be mysteriously turned on, and a vague image of a woman being captured in guests’ photographs. At this restaurant, you are going to get a side of supernatural with your burger and fries!


#4 The Copper Queen Hotel – Bisbee

This hotel has built up quite the reputation over the years as one of the most haunted places in Arizona. One well-known spirit is an older gentleman, with long hair and a beard. He is usually wearing a top hat & cape and is often accompanied by the smell of cigar smoke. There is also a little ghost boy who has never been seen, but guests have heard giggling and running in the halls. Finally, there is Julia Lowell who roams the second and third floors and is often heard whispering. Positively hair-raising!


#5 Palace Restaurant & Saloon – Prescott

Not only has the Earp Brothers and Doc Holiday frequented this joint, but it is also known for being the home to the spirit of Nevins. It is believed, that in life, he lost everything to the town’s Sheriff when he put up his mortuary business as collateral in a high stakes poker game. Now, whenever men play cards in the saloon, Nevins is said to make an appearance by causing items to fall off shelves or down the stairs. Looks like he took his gambling debt to the grave.


#6 The Rosson House – Phoenix

Looking for a local haunt? The Rosson House in Phoenix was originally built for a prominent doctor and his family. Today it is a museum and is considered HAUNTED. There are stories of unexplained footsteps descending the stairs that are thought to be the former 1980’s caretaker who was murdered just outside the Victorian mansion.


#7 The Orpheum Theater – Phoenix

The famous Orpheum Theater in downtown Phoenix isn’t just a beautiful structure but is also known for its resident ghost. Next time you’re in the area, stop by, see a show, and say, “Hello,” to Mattie.



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