Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Architect

1.       An Architect can help you create and focus your dream house into a built reality.

Architects see the big picture.  A skilled architect can help you develop and integrate your list of requirements with the other complex factors to create a unique home just for you by prioritizing your needs.

2.       An Architect is a licensed professional.

Architects are educated, trained, and tested in large range of areas including aesthetic design, ergonomics, sociology, ecology, law, building codes, construction materials and technology.  This breadth of knowledge allows foresight when evaluating competing requirements and restrictions.

3.       An Architect will solve your problems with creative, elegant solutions.

Architects are trained to make buildings both functional and beautiful.  An architect will be able to show you alternatives that you might not have considered as possible.

4.       An Architect is trained in communication. 

An architect has experience effectively communicating through written word, drawing, and verbally with the key members of project including clients, contractors, engineers, and authorities in the manner best suited to the situation.

5.       An Architect has experience.

Most architects consider architecture a passion more than a vocation.  They draw on past experience.  They are an integral part of the design/construction community with contacts in all the fields.

6.       A skilled architect can make your life easier!

Architects can bring pictorial suggestions to the table and assist in decisions for space planning, materials, and finishes transforming your abstract ideas into a form you can visualize.

7.       An Architect is cost effective.

A well-conceived, designed, and coordinated project is more economical.  Changes made on paper in the design phase are much less expensive than those made during construction.

8.       Architecture is a good investment. 

Great design sells from consumer products to cities.  A well designed home has a higher resale value.

9.       An Architect can make your building project environmentally friendly.

Skilled architects work with the environment to create spaces that are sustainable and comply with ever demanding energy performance requirements.

10.   An Architect can guide you through an entire project as your advocate.

An architect will be able to assist with every aspect of a project from choosing a site, city permitting, design review board submittals, to construction administration.  Whether you choose to start a project from the ground up or remodel an existing space, an architect will be able to help the project run smoothly during each stage avoiding disruptive surprises.


Written for Arizona Residential Architects by Jessica Hutchison-Rough


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