Best of UDA Outdoor Living Countdown

During the Arizona summers, a pool is on the must list!  We have created a Best of UDA Outdoor Living Countdown to showcase some of the top water feature design trends and spectacular pools we have completed over the years.   Check back daily to see some of these top pool trends brought to life by UDA.

Top Pool Trends:
  1. The Negative Edge – Always a traditional favorite, and easy to update to today’s contemporary designs.  Known as an infinity-edge or vanishing edge, these pools are best suited for a hillside lot with a spectacular view across the water.
  2. Play pools – Also known as “spools” (spa and pool combined), are great for smaller lots, families with children, and someone wanting less maintenance.  Perfect for the “lock and leave” property.
  3. Lap pool – This one is for the athlete or aspiring athlete. The inherent geometry of the long, linear pool is a great fit in modern estates.
  4. Baja Shelf, Alligator Bench, or Tanning Ledge – It has many names, but is essentially a large shallow area big enough to lounge or play in a safe spot next to a deeper pool.  Add a trellis above, and you can relax all day!
  5. Reverse Negative Edge – This is where the waterline and the pool deck are at the same level, giving the visual effect of one plain.   The water can be very close, appearing to touch a building. This is very popular in resort pools.
  6. Beach Entry – A continual slope into the water is both practical and dramatic.
  7. Cantilevered Pools with Glass – If there is no budget, this is the rock star of pool design.  Make it float and then make it see-through!
  8. Energy Efficient – There is a new generation of “green” mechanical and electrical equipment: Automatic covers, variable speed pumps, automated cleaning, and LED lighting.
  9. ANYTHING but Plaster & Kool Deck – There is a huge new palette of pool materials from glass tiles, natural stone coping, beadcrete, pebbletec, to black bottoms. Different is better.
  10. The Natural Pool – This is the most interesting development in the pool world. Out with the chlorine, the salt, and even the mineral treatments. Natural pools create an ecosystem of aquatic plants to keep the water clean and purified.

Enjoy the Countdown!