Why Infinity Pools are Here to Say

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The infinity pool at Water Way, designed by UDA.

In Arizona, pools are a staple for many households. They provide much-needed relief from the summer heat and from the regular Arizona weather. Not only that, but they provide wonderful entertainment and exercise for people (and pets) of all ages. There’s also no shortage of pool types. You can have your typical in-ground pool, or opt for an above ground. You can have an indoor pool, an endless pool, or our favorite, an infinity pool. 

As Scottsdale and Phoenix architects, we get asked about infinity pools a lot. That’s why we decided to put together a blog to explain why infinity pools are here to stay, and to explore if they’re right for you. 

What is an Infinity Pool?

Infinity pools are also known as negative edge pools, disappearing edge pools, and infinity edge pools. Many people also think they’re “endless” pools, but those are something entirely different. An endless pool is smaller and has a current you swim against. They’re designed primarily for exercise. An infinity pool, in contrast, is designed for visual appeal. 

An infinity pool is a swimming pool that has a lowered edge on one or more sides to give it the appearance of going on forever. The water cascades over the edge into a trough and is pumped back into it. They are one of the most visually appealing types of swimming pools on the market. If you want an outdoor “wow” factor, these are it. 

They’re designed so one edge of them, the “disappearing edge,” blends in effortlessly with the surrounding landscape. You shouldn’t see the pool’s edge until you’re right up against it — all you should see is nature.

The concept has become very popular in recent years and is found in luxury resorts around the world. Infinity pools can also be used in the home to create an unusual and appealing effect in your pool area.

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Imagine overlooking a mountain while enjoying your infinity pool. Project: Lone Mountain by UDA.

Is An Infinity Pool Right For You? 

Infinity pools aren’t going anywhere anytime soon thanks to the way they enhance any landscape, however, they’re not for every home. Obviously, a pool requires a decent amount of yard space, and an infinity pool usually requires even more due to their design. You’ll want the “edgeless” side to face something pleasing, so if your house is surrounded by a nearby fence, they may not be the right style for you. 

If you do have the room, then you might want to consider one. These pools are considered the height of luxury because of their beauty, so they also add value to your home. What’s more, a well-designed infinity edge pool can make it seem like your property and the surrounding area have blended together. 

An infinity pool also has the added benefit of incorporating the tranquil sound of running water onto a property, something that a lot of homeowners really appreciate.

Some homeowners even create an outdoor oasis and living space beneath the edge of the pool to give their home a resort-like feel. 

Infinity Pools Are Environmentally Friendly 

If sustainable designs are your thing, then you may be wondering if an infinity pool will run up your energy bill or ruin your water conservation efforts. They utilize high-capacity pumps and water collection troughs, which are only active when the pool is in use. This actually saves water in the long run. It also reduces the presence of stagnant water puddles around the pool area. Water collection troughs help save water as well — more is caught, meaning less is lost. 

In fact, if properly filtered, the water can be “recycled” back into the main pool as needed. Therefore, the pool’s overall cost and carbon footprint are decreased.

Safe and Fun for Families

You don’t need to be an adult to appreciate a good view. Outside of that, many parents may be worried that their child will fall over the “invisible” edge. When built and designed correctly, this shouldn’t be an issue. 

Firstly, you need to remember there is a wall on the “invisible” edge. The effect is achieved because the wall is a couple of inches shorter than the other sides of the pool. This allows a small amount of water to flow over them. It is not an open space and it is definitely not deep enough to swim over. However, it might be short enough to float over if you’re not careful. 

If you’re concerned, you can also add temporary railings, glass fencing, ramps, or stairs to the invisible edge. Once your child is old enough, you can remove them. 

That all being said, you should practice safe pool habits no matter what kind of pool you decide to install. If you have children, supervise them at all times when they’re in or around the pool. 

Are Infinity Pools a Passing Fad? 

We don’t think so. Infinity pools are unlike any pool on the market. They’re designed to be luxurious and beautiful while complementing the natural landscape. In Arizona, they’re a perfect fit for custom homes with a mountain or valley view. 

On top of that, they’re more sustainable than a normal pool, more appealing than an above-ground pool, and much easier to design around than an indoor pool. Just remember that they’re not going to be for everyone and for every home. However, if you’re in the market for a custom home architect or are looking to build your own house and want a larger yard, consider adding one to your wish list. You won’t regret it.