5 Tips for Taking on a Remodel or Addition

Most people buy a house in the perfect spot instead of buying the perfect house. As long as the residence has potential, the buyer knows they can ultimately create the home of their dreams. After being in business for over 40 years, UDA has seen a renovation or two (or rather several dozen), so we have compiled 5 tips for taking on a remodel or addition.


Remodel and Addition

Before & After Photos from Scottsdale Residence


  1. Know what your goals are and make decisions early on. Having a clear vision of what you want your remodel or addition to be, helps the project go more smoothly. It will also help you stay on budget. Professionals can guide you through possible situations that may arise in advance, but most projects are held-up by little things like paint colors or cabinet hardware. Changing your mind as things move forward is unavoidable, but the more you can prevent that, the easier everything will go.
  2. Know your budget and stick to it. Remember to also add in contingency funds for unexpected costs, as well as incidental costs like needing to eat out more during a kitchen renovation or unexpected hotel stay.
  3. Pack-up or cover furniture. Whether it is an addition or renovation, construction gets messy. Declutter, move, cover, or store your belongings to keep them clean and secure.
  4. Apply for the proper permits. If you are working with an expert, they will know about the required permits, but at the end of the day, it’s still your project. Make sure you are aware of and understand local requirements, so you know you and your team are in compliance.
  5. Hire professionals. In a world of HGTV and DIY, it is tempting to take on a remodel or addition by yourself, but it’s easy to get in over your head. Working with a contractor, architect, and/or interior designer will keep you from hitting unnecessary speedbumps. Hiring someone with experience will facilitate the coordination of all participating parties, maximize your space, ensure all the design elements are feasible, and they will know how to safely handle things like asbestos, lead paint, and load-bearing walls.


Remodel and Addition
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